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Aluminium Doors

Sliding and Folding Door Gates

Sliding doors are fixtures consisting of two or more panels fixed onto a unit. Sliding doors with glass infill provide excellent visual access to the exterior or between rooms, and is a good way to allow natural light into the room. As the single fixture uses the sliding mechanism, there will be less space constraints during opening or closing.


A typical sliding door fixture will consist of a bottom track to allow movement of the door panels along the track. In some cases, top hung tracks can also be used. However, it is not recommended if glass panels are used due to its weight.

For kitchen and bathroom entrances, one popular sliding door application is the acrylic panel sliding door. Typically also installed on sink cabinets, they are lightweight and provides ease of enclosure and use.

For areas with large entrances, such as patios and halls, glass sliding doors with a minimum of two panels are usually used. The glass allows the room to be brighter and more open to the outside.


The variety of glass of a sliding door allows for customisation to match your specific needs – whether you choose to admit more or less light in based on the privacy requirements.

Internal folding door

Internal Folding Door

patio door tint

Patio Door Tint

aluminium sliding door

Aluminium Sliding Door

Glass Doors

Glass doors usually come in swing or hinged mechanism with a large glass panel on an aluminium, wooden or PVC frame. Swing glass doors can be installed to swing both ways if required.

The main advantage of glass doors is the ability to let natural light enter in to the room; thus it is most commonly used in tight spaces which lack natural light. However, they require room to open or close so they would require extra space for that.


For residential properties, a typical glass door would be aluminium framed with frosted or clear glass panel installed.

frosted glass door

Frosted Glass Door

aluminium swing

Aluminium swing door

office clear glass

Aluminium swing door

swing door designs

Swing door panel designs

swing door designs

Swing door panel designs

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