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Aluminium Windows

Types of Aluminium Windows

Below are the most popular types of windows in Singapore. Each type of window has different characteristics to consider for your room’s suitability. Functionality and practicality should be the deciding factor when selecting which type of window to install, as they affect the level of privacy, ease of access and maintenance and level of ventilation and light.

Windows Installation and Repair

Windows safety is a paramount safety consideration. Our team provides professional safety installation, regular maintenance and repair of all windows. Should your window be leaky, partially dislodged or shaky, please do not hesitate to contact us for a quick survey of the condition of your window.

Falling Windows

There have been 50 cases of windows falling in 2017, which included 25 sliding windows and 24 casement windows. According a The Straits Times article, “most of the sliding windows that fell did so due to the lack of proper safety stoppers and angle strips in place to ensure that the window panels were kept within the tracks.” Read full article here.

condominium windows

Casement Windows

Casement windows are hinged windows attached to a frame, and operated by levers and held open using a casement stay. A friction stay is required to keep the window in position when it opens outward to resist strong wind.

Aluminium-framed casement windows provide excellent thermal performance of any window type, and have very secure locking mechanisms. They are completely streamlined, and cranks are foldable to allow curtains and blinds to fall naturally.

As they can be opened at an angle of 90 degrees or more, it allows unobstructed views and maximises unrestricted breeze into your home.

However, they are less resistant to wind and water infiltration, they have better compression to close tightly against the frame. This is one reason why casement windows are used for soundproof windows too.

In Singapore, casement windows are popularly used in the kitchen to maximise ventilation.

double leaf casement

Double-leaf casement

standard white single

Standard white single

Sliding Windows

Sliding sindows are one of the most popular window options in Singapore.   They are easy to operate since they slide open and shut.  They are also very easy to maintain as both sides of the glass panel can be easily accessed for cleaning purposes.  They offer good natural light and air ventilation for bedrooms, bathrooms and in kitchens.

One distinct advantage of sliding windows over casement types is that the sliding mechanism does not require additional space to open.  For this reason, it is a perfect choice for room and corridor windows where there is limited space.  With no external protrusions it is also easy to add insect or security screens.

When deciding to install sliding windows, one should take not of the number of panels needed as it determines the percentage of the opening.  For example, the maximum opening for a 2 panel window is 50%.  You may choose the preferred number of tracks for your frame.  One track per panel will provide you maximum opening, while having more tracks will increase the thickness of your frame.

bedroom sliding windows

Sliding windows in bedroom

large sliding windows

Sliding windows in bedroom

Louvred Windows

Louvre windows are windows with horizontal planks/blades which either adjustable or fixed.  The planks are angled to admit light & air at the same time they can keep out rain, sunshine and maintain privacy from outsiders.  The horizontal planks are typically made of glass, which is similar to venetian blinds but are wider.

Louvre windows are best suited for achieving good ventilation, as the amount of opening and air can be easily controlled by the user.  Manual adjustment of the planks can be done with a metal lever whereas for sophisticated systems, the planks can also be operated by electric or remote-controlled levers. In some cases, the louvres can also be adjusted to control the level of privacy when frosted or coloured glass louvres are used.

In Singapore, louvre windows are popularly used for bathrooms, where adequate privacy and ventilation is necessary.

Top-Hung Windows

Aluminium top hung windows are constructed using an outer frame and a hinged “sash” which projects outwards. As the hinge is on the top of the outer frame, it allows the bottom to swing out secured by high quality steel friction stays. Aluminium top hung windows are ideal in situations where furniture prevents easy access to the window. They can be left partly open in bad weather without allowing nature’s elements into your home.

Types of Glazing Options

Choose the type of glass depending on the desired level of privacy and sunlight. Here are the popular types of glass for different functions:

  • Clear Glass – maximises sunlight and views
  • Tinted glass – minimise direct sunlight entering your premises
  • Reflective blue glass – high privacy
  • Reflective green glass – high privacy
  • Sandblasted glass – high privacy
  • Double glazed glass – provides excellent soundproofing from main and noisy roads
glazing tint levels

Level of tint

energy saving tint

Energy-saving tint

Surface Coating

Aluminium frames can be easily coated to offer protection against oxidation and to match the aesthetics of your room:

  • Powder coating – provide limited range of solid colours (e.g. white, grey, black, blue, black )
  • Anodise – only 3 colours (e.g. natural, bronze and black)
powde coat color chart

Powder Coat Chart


Anodised Colours

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