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Shower Screens

Shower Screens

Shower screens have increasingly become an important fixture in bathrooms in Singapore. As bathroom designs become more flexible and luxurious, the task of demarcating the shower area from the rest of the bathroom has become essential.


Besides serving as a spatial barrier to the shower area, shower screens also keep out water from the shower area. This keeps the rest of the toilet area dry and clean, and also minimises the chances of falls on the wet surface.

Glass shower screens are recommended over the use of curtains, which are less effective when it comes to preventing water splashing out of the shower area. A simple glass shower screen with a convenient open-close mechanism will do the work more effectively and at the same time, giving your bathroom greater aesthetic appeal.

Types of Screens

  • Shower screens have a variety of types and shapes to suit any bathroom configuration you have:
  • Traditional design – Aluminium or PVC frames are used with a sliding mechanism, where sheet glass or acrylic panels are installed.
  • Frameless design – Panes of glass are installed together with less visually obtrusive fittings to give the shower screen a clean and minimal aesthetic.
  • Semi-frameless design – Semi-frameless types are usually installed in cases where frameless designs can not be installed, in order to give a clean, contemporary look

Shapes of Shower Screens

  • Wall-to-wall – The simplest type of shower configuration allows both sliding and swing door types can be used for simple wall-to-wall shower screens
  • Corner Style Shower – This configuration fits into small areas and allows sliding or swing panels to encourage access into the shower
  • Diamond or Curved shaped cubicles – Less popular than the above options, this is perfectly suited for limited shower space while giving a unique aesthetic.

Panel Selection

For best transparency and clarity, 4mm sheets of tempered glass are recommended. Alternatively, you may select to use acrylic panels which come in different colours.


The durability of shower screen installations rely on the quality of screen, hinge, and sliding mechanisms. Water-tightness is also essential to ensure the system performs at its best.

semi frameless screen

Semi-frameless shower screen

frameless shower screen

Frameless shower screen

swing door shower screen

Swing door shower screen

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