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Windows Grilles

Aluminium Grilles

Aluminium grille are popular in Singapore for most residential properties as it provides greater safety and security in a simple and elegant way. Not only does it keep you safe from intruders and burglars, it is also useful in preventing young children and pets from falling. Aluminium is a good choice for commercial building and houses where durability is the main priority since it neither rusts over time nor rots after being subjected to rain water.


Window grilles are not only applicable for your living and bedroom windows, but they are also commonly installed in the kitchen, balcony and service yard areas for added security.

Some building managements, typically private condominiums and apartments, have restrictions on grilles since it affects the external façade of the buildings. In such cases, it would be prudent to install grilles according to the guidelines given.


Window grilles of the past used to be of limited design variety, however, with the advancement in technology such as aluminium extrusion technology, consumers enjoy greater variety of designs today.
Homeowners can choose from simple yet elegant designs which comes in a range of lattice frames.

white powder coated

White Powder Coated

Simple grill design

Simple Grille Design

Wrought Iron Grilles

Wrought Iron Window Grilles can give the exterior of your home the ornamental and decorative aesthetic. Its highly flexible and durable properties make it possible to be  freely transformed into various shapes. Therefore, wrought iron grilles offer greater variety of geometrical and abstract designs while retaining its ability to offer strength and protection. Decorative grilles help to boost the appeal of your home from inside as well as outside. Wrought iron grills are able to stops intruders but also provide great aesthetic at the same time.


Wrought iron grilles can be installed in various ares of your home.   It can be used not just for windows but can also operate as a gate to the backyard, an insert on a front door, or an fenced boundary to your landed home. Installing a consistent-themed design across areas of your home will increase its visual consistency and appeal.

Appreciated for their durability, corrosion-resistance and excellent finishing, wrought iron grills come in a variety of designs and styles. All our grilles come with a simple lock and key mechanism.


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